Sunday, February 13, 2011

Save a life Sunday! Lavender!

This young lady is Lavender and she's a special girl needing a special home. She's a special needs kitty that doesn't realize she's special needs. Lavender is one of the most affectionate kitties her foster mom has ever fostered. She was born in the fosters home to a Russian blue mom. As a baby, Lavender got very very sick. Her foster mom was able to keep her alive but she was so sick that she suffered neurological damage. The result is that Lavender can't walk very well although she puts her whole heart and soul into getting around and is very mobile. She actually can run very short distances as she tries to follow you around the house or play with her stuffed mouse. After a few seconds her legs just don't hold her up and down she goes but as fast as she goes down she's back up and moving around again.

Lavender loves being around people and is very affectionate. She has a loud purr motor and uses it often. She's best friends with two adult kitties and a small dog. The foster mom has to watch carefully though because the family dog can get kind of bouncy and Lavender has a hard time getting out of the way fast enough. She loves soft blankets, being petted and being curled up in your lap although you have to help her get up and down to any place very high. She does not have any special needs or requirements though. She's great with her kitty box and will use either crystal or clay kitty litter. Except for her issue that she had as a kitten she hasn't had any other medical issues. She'd probably be best in a home without very young children.

Lavender comes with a book called Homers Odyssey which is a story about the writers joys of living with another special needs kitty named Homer. Its a heartwarming tale which shows how much love these special needs kitties, includng Lavender, have to give and how difficult it is for them to find the loving home they long for.

If you think you have that super special home that can shower Lavender with all the love she has to give then please complete an application today. You will be glad you did.

For further information please email the address below or call 972-498-8980. Anyone interested in our cats will be required to fill out an adoption application. We do not adopt to anyone living out of the D/FW area. All our cats will be spayed or neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations. We do ask for a $135 adoption donation. To fill out an application on line, just go to and click on the Adoption Application link.

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Marlene said...

What a gorgeous little kitty. Special needs kitties always tug at the heartstrings. My daughter worked for a no-kill shelter for several years...and I remember a little kitty who had a neurological issue similar to what you're describing. He was so huggable! He did get adopted by a very special couple, and last I'd heard, he was doing great. I hope this little kitty finds a great home, too.

Jenny said...

Marlenes avatar made me laugh.

These are adorable little friends! You so such a kind thing by trying to help find homes. I admire your lovely heart.

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

OK, the prayer for St. Anthony to find this cat a home will be going out right now! What a sweet cat and I hope this little one finds someone to love.