Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pick Your own?

I can't really remember where I first heard that there were farms where you could pick your produce. but it's been festering in my mind for a little while.

Today I finally puttered around google and came across a nice little treasure trove of farm listings, how to can guides, and jam recipes.

Seems the closest one to me, that I can gather anyways, is Gnismer Farms off south Bowen Road in Arlington.

Unfortunately it seems to be in the middle of picking seasons, the next picking season doesn't start up until mid August to September.... but maybe that's a good thing, I'd prolly kill over in this heat.

This sounds like it would be a great, hopefully inexpensive, fun activity, especially in October when there are pumpkins to pick for Halloween.

I'm going to put this on a mental tack in my mind to try out as soon as picking season and family schedule allows!