Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Kroger Mega Event Savings

What I Purchased:
3 boxes of Hamburger Helper
6 cans of Grands Biscuits
1 can Pillsubury Cinnamon Rolls
6 boxes of Toaster Strudel (4 boxes not shown as there wasn't enough room)
2 Boxes of Fruit Gushers
1 bag Tostitos Tortilla chips
1 bag Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken

Most of the coupons I used were Internet Print coupons from
$1 off 3 Hamburger Helper
(2) $1 off 2 Pillsbury Grands
(3)$.55 off 2 Toaster Strudel

And the rest I got out of Sunday's paper, the only two items I didn't have coupons for were the chips and the Cinnamon rolls.

Before In store savings, Mega Event Savings ($10), and Coupons my total would have been $49.21.

I only paid $19.95! That's Almost 60% savings, not bad :)

Thanks again to General Mills, PepsiCo and MyBlogSpark for giving me the opportunity to host my first giveaway and for of course the giftcard they provided me so I could take advantage of Kroger's mega savings event!