Friday, January 21, 2011

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From now until Supplies Last Turtle Love Co is having a site wide clearing the shelves sale!
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About Turtle Love Co...from their site!

Turtle Love Co. is an online retailer of artisan jewelry. We seek to:

•support the work of independent artisans: the arts enhance our human experience.
•actively participate in our local community: we all benefit from the wealth of creativity around us.
•make ecologically-sound and socially responsible choices: the actions we take and the things we have are a reflection of our values.
•have a nice time: fun is an integral part of a successful work environment.

Our Green Commitment

Turtle Love Co. is a mindful retailer of artisan jewelry. Our pieces are designed by independent artists and handcrafted in ways that are attentive towards our planet and its people.

As individuals and as a growing business, we’re committed to minimizing our ecological footprint. We work hard to bring you products made with recycled metals, fair-trade, conflict-free gemstones, and sustainably-harvested pearls. We seek out artisans who prize eco- and people-friendly production processes as highly as we do. In writing our product descriptions, we include the eco-friendly attributes of each piece, so that our customers can make choices based on what’s important to them.

In the office we recycle all paper waste. Our shredded documents become bedding for our chickens, and the packaging we use to ship jewelry to our customers is nearly 100% recycled and recyclable! Our office gets plenty of natural light, so we keep the overhead lights off, and we use the available breezes as ventilation and climate control.

Finally, we realize that one of the biggest ways to reduce our ecological footprint is to change the way we get ourselves from place to place and our products to you. Our packages travel from us to you by United States Postal Service so we can take advantage of existing delivery routes. Our office is located on one of the main bus routes in Portland, and if we’re not carpooling to work, we’re either biking or walking.

At Turtle Love Co. we believe that small steps make a big difference!

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