Monday, August 2, 2010

ZhuZhu 70% off at Justice, both online and in stores! until 8/4!

EXTRA extra big thanks to Hip2Save for sharing this deal!

Now I don't have any kids that can fit Justice sizes, so the clothes deals that can be had aside I was super UBER excited that you can pair the current 50% sale of select ZHUZHU items with this 40% off your entire purchase coupon that expires 8/4!

I got the boat play set pictured above (zhuzhus not included) and....


Yes I'm aware they all go together (ocean themed you know) I have a thing about gifts I give having a theme...I'm weird like that :)

Anyways....Hubby and I sat down and talked about it over lunch and I had a blonde bad math moment and thought 50% + 40% = 90% off but no it's actually 70% off

but still is yay! Got $50ish of Zhuzhu for $16ish and lil sis is taken care of for Christmas!

In store they had a nice selection of items that included baby zhuzhus, play sets, outfits and beds.
But be careful because not all ZhuZhu items are 50% off so make sure to watch the register!

Online not so much of a selection, and shipping is pretty high, but here's the link to the sales section anyway!
Just enter code 703 at checkout for the extra 40%

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