Friday, August 6, 2010

[DEAD DEAL]Stackable deals at!!! And 25% off coupon in store. Ends 8/8

the coupon is 25% Your entire order!! 

Remember that deal I posted the other day?

Well of course you do!

But just in case! is currently having an online sale of Buy any 2 paperbacks, get 1 free
(not sure how long it lasts as no end date was given)


this morning look what I found in my inbox!

A coupon good for 25% off online or in stores.

25% off in store pffft small potatoes right?
But use the code BUG8103X online when you buy 3 paperbacks and oooo it's happy dance time!

It works out to 2 paperbacks (take 25% off those 2 paperbacks) and 1 free paperback!

Don't forget that when you buy $25 or more it's free shipping, or if you have it shipped to your nearest store it's free shipping too!

Note that the coupon/coupon code is only good with a Borders Rewards membership and ends 8/8

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One Mama said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been wanting to get some books but have been searching/waiting on Half Price to save. Now I can get what I want!

One Mama said...

Hm...Looks like the B2G1 deal has ended, at least online. I'll check in stores though because I'm going in anyway!