Saturday, January 9, 2010

Update on Blackfinn American Saloon

If you remember back in November I posted about receiving a $25 gift check when you signed up for BlackFinn's email list.

Well Hubby and I went out last night and the place is pretty! Yup I said pretty!

Even though it's a sports bar type place it is done up, as the name says, in Saloon fashion. Pretty dark woods, cozy, and full of flat screens!

While neither Hubby or I are the drinking or sports types this place was still great!

ESPECIALLY during Happy Hour! Which is 4-8pm 7 days a week!

Sliders, Starters, and Flat bread Pizzas are all HALF OFF in the bar area!

Check out the Menu here

We scored a booth in the bar area and had a nice dinner!

We ordered the sliders which were WAY bigger than we expected, they're normally $6.99 but during happy hour were only $3.50ish.

Hubby had the burger slider with a side of ranch for dipping and I had the pulled pork!

We each tried each others food, and while I loved both sliders, Hubby thought the pork was too sweet, but I thought it was great!

Either way I would recommend Blackfinn during happy hour for a GREAT cheap treat out!

And since it's so close to Parks Mall in Arlington you can go for some shopping, or grab a movie at the AMC or the new Studio Movie Grill or even head on over to Dave and Busters which is just behind BlackFinn.