Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It pays to sign up for clubs and newsletters!

So a while back I signed up for a program the mall closest to me has started….

Join The Club at Hulen Mall today!By joining The Club you get:

A monthly email with preferred offers and coupons, sale information and events

The opportunity to earn points towards free mall gift cards by participating in online surveys through our Club Rewards Program.

A chance to win a $100 shopping spree each month you are a member

A link to said program

I haven’t taken any of the surveys for points yet….but today imagine my surprise when an offer for a FREE, no strings attached $10 gift card popped up in my inbox!!

Of course I dragged hubby right to the mall office, where the email told me to go with my email print out voucher, a flash of my driver’s license and a jotting down of my name and email and I had a nice new shiny gift card in my hubby’s hot little hand.

He got a new game from GameStop for 81 cents so he was a happy boy despite being dragged to the mall.

Moral of the story kiddies:

Even newsletters you might not think you’ll use can surprise you now and again!