Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get free $10 credit to spend on

I recently signed up on this neat new shopping site where you sign up with your facebook account, a social marketplace for buying from and selling to people, not strangers ! Here's a great article explaining the concept more fully!

You can use my link to get a free $10 credit to get you started!

Not sure how many friends you need to have on twitter/facebook to get the 10 credit, but evidently you do need to meet some unspecified amount...Thanks to Gloria for the heads up :) 

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Gloria said...

OK, my dear Pixie! I joined, via your link. It took a few minutes, but I'm now a member. The only thing is that you were NOT shown for me to Follow you... if you can tell me how to do that (I thought it would be automatic, since I signed up through YOUR link!), please do and I will go back and do so. You should complain to COPIOUS that I was NOT automatically made a Follower of yours, since YOU hooked me up! LOL! p.s. I don't have Facebook, FYI, so I joined via Twitter... I don't think that would make a difference though...
Anyway, thanks for telling us about this. It looks like a fun site!

Gloria said...

P.P.S. I did NOT get a $10 credit for joining!! Oh well...

Jenny said...

How fun! You always find the cool stuff!