Saturday, July 10, 2010

Free Magazine Subscriptions when you sign up for US Airways Divided Miles!

From now until July 31, 2010

Enter promo code NM15 when you sign up and get 1500 miles added to your account within 48 hours.
Just sign up for basically their emails, no strings attached, no credit info needed. The 1500 miles can be used for magazine subscriptions that include

Sports Illustrated             56 issues       1400 miles

W                                   12 issues       600 miles

Entertainment Weekly      52 issues       1300 miles

and a lot of golf magazines...there are some more but nothing too interesting, the Entertainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated are the best two  :)

You can redeem your points, once you get them, by going to the divided miles tab, and then choose use miles from the pull down menu!

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